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behind the camera
1 Lenape Leader_ Norris War Turtle Branham (Sandhill Band Lenape & Cherokee Indians2

Norris War Turtle Branham

Traditional Lenape Leader
2 Film Director_ Brooklyn Demme (European-American, Resident of Nyack) copy2

Brooklyn Demme

Film Director
3 Director of Photography_ Quanah J. Hicks (Ramapough Lenape, Resident of Middletown)

Quanah J. Hicks

Director of photography
4 Producer_Intimacy Coordinator_ Ashley Dawson (African American (and Indigenous) Filmmaker & Community Leader of Nyack) copy

Ashley Dawson

Impact Producer
5 Producer_ Shaunqui Harris (African American and Ramapough Lenape Resident of Valley Cottage) copy2

Shaunqui Harris

DSC_6760 copy

Adam Feshire

Website Developer

Andy Minniefield

Keeper of the Sacred Shield
1 Willie Will Rodriguez (Taino-American Resident of Queens)

Willie Will Rodriguez

in front of the camera
2 Sage Buchalter (European American by way of US Virgin Islands) copy
Giving Thanks

Jonathan Demme (European-American, former filmmaker & resident of Nyack)

Cynthia Hoffman Fountain (Ramapough Lenape/Penobscot Shaman)

Judy “Sister Jaguar Bisiagno (European-American, former Dominican Nun)


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